Sultan’s Dine Menu, Price and Branches Address

Sultan’s Dine Restaurant

Sultan’s Dine is a popular restaurant in Dhaka for serving traditional basmati kacchi biriyani. It has several branches in Dhaka as well as more branches in different area of Bangladesh. In the earlier, kacchi biriyani in Dhaka were made with traditional polao or chinigura rice. Basmati kacchi was not much popular earlier. Sultan’s Dine plays a important role in making basmati kacchi popular in Bangladesh by serving best basmati kacchi biriyani. Although, many food lavers argue that, taste of their kacchi seem changed a bit but it is still one of the favorite kacchi to them.

Sultan’s Dine Menu and Price

Sultan’s Dine is prepared not only basmati kacchi biriyani, but also serves different types of foods and add on such as polao, rejala, borhani, birni, chicken roast etc. It also provide catering service for different events.

Basmati Kacchi Menu

Basmati Kacchi – HalfTk 299
Basmati Kacchi – 1:1Tk 460
Basmati Kacchi – 1:2  6Tk 99
Basmati Kacchi – 1:3  Tk 1,249
Basmati Kacchi – 1:5  Tk 2,149
Sultan’s Dine Basmati Kacchi Menu and Price

Basmati Kacchi Combo Menu

Basmati Kacchi Half with Borhani and Jorda or Firni   Tk 379
Basmati Kacchi 1:1 with Borhani and Jorda or Firni  Tk 580
Basmati Kacchi 1:3 with Borhani and Jorda or Firni  Tk 1,579
Basmati Kacchi 1:5 with Borhani and Jorda or Firni  Tk 2,699
Basmati Kacchi, Chicken Roast, Borhani   Tk 660
Sultan’s Dine Basmati Kacchi Combo Menu

Kacchi Platter Menu

Basmati Kacchi Half with Chicken Roast, Borhani, Jali Kabab  Tk 539
Basmati Kacchi, Chicken Roast, Borhani   Tk 660
Basmati Kacchi, Chicken Roast, Jali Kabab, Beef Rezala, Borhani, Jorda/ Firni, Chutney, SaladTk 799
Sultan’s Dine Kacchi Platter Menu

Curry Menu

Beef RezalaTk 200
Chicken RoastTk 150
Whole Chicken Roast  Tk 500
Asto Khashi (Pre-Order)Tk 18000
Sultan’s Dine Curry Menu

Polao Menu

Plain PolaoTk 120
Murog PolaoTk 299
Sultan’s Dine Polao Menu

Polao Menu

FirniTk 70  
JordaTk 70  
Sultan’s Dine Polao Menu

Sides Menu

Chutney (Sweet & sour)Tk 25
Sultan’s Dine Sides Menu

Beverage Menu

Borhani – 1 glassTk 70
Zafrani Sorbot – 1 glass  Tk 90
Soft Drinks – 1 glass  Tk 40
Sultan’s Dine Beverage Menu

Sutlan’s Dine Food Menu and Price Card

Sultan's Dine Menu Price
Sultan’s Dine Menu Price
January 2023

Sultan’s Dine Branches

Gulshan Branch

1st floor, Samsuddin Mansion
House: 41 Road: 52
Gulshan-2, Dhaka

Dhanmondi Branch

Green Akshay Plaza,
1st Floor, Satmasjid Road 146/G (Old)
Dhanmondi, Dhaka

Mirpur Branch

S. Ali Tower, Plot No-22
Section-6/A, Main road-1
Mirpur-6, Dhaka

Sultan’s Dine – Old Dhaka

4, 1 Abul Hasnat Rd
Dhaka 1211

Mobile: 01844-505934

More barcnhes will be updated soon

Sultan’s Dine Website: www.sultansdine.com

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