Star Kabab Menu, Price and Address

Star Kabab and Restaurant

Star Kabab and Restaurant is one of the oldest and popular restaurant in Dhaka, Bangladesh. The restaurant is also known as Star Hotel to many people. Star Kabab started it’s journey in the year of 1968. Now the restaurant has multiple branch in the capital city of Bangladesh.

Star Kabab and Restaurant is mainly popular for wide range of tasty Kabab and Naan at an affordable price maintaining good quality.

Star Kabab, Nan and Parata
Star Kabab, Nan and Parata
Faluda at Star Kabab and Hotel
Faluda at Star Kabab and Hotel

Star Kabab Menu

We have attached the menu of Star Kabab and Restaurant which captured in August and September 2022. Price may change any time. So, please check current price from the restaurant menu before placing your order.

SLFood ItemHalfFull
1Beef Sheek Kabab230 TK460 TK
2Mutton Botti Kabab270 TK540 TK
3Chicken Botti Kabab220 TK440 TK
4Chicken Tikka (Local)220 TK440 TK
5Grill Chicken Tikka (Farm)220 TK440 TK
6Chicken Reshmi Kabab220 TK440 TK
7Chicken Kashmeri Kabab220 TK440 TK
8Mutton Khiri Kabab250 TK500 TK
9Mutton Ghurda Kabab250 TK500 TK
10Rupchanda Fish KababPer Piece260 TK
11Chicken Tawa Jhal FryPer Plate200 TK
12Mutton Tawa Jhal FryPer Plate210 TK
13Mutton Gurda Tawa Jhal FryPer Plate225 TK
14Mutton Brain MasalaPer Plate225 TK
15Beef Roll 140 TK
16Mutton Roll 160 TK
17Chicken Roll 135 TK
18Chicken Reshmi Roll 135 TK
19Chicken Kashmeri Roll 135 TK
20Special Parata 25 TK
21Special Nan 25 TK
22Garlic Nan 35 TK
Star Kabab Dhanmondi Menu – 13th September 2022

Star Kabab Dhanmondi Menu

Star Kabab Menu Dhanmondi
Star Kabab Menu Dhanmondi
Star Kabab Menu in Bangla
Star Kabab Menu in Bangla – (স্টার কাবাব ধানমন্ডি মেনু)

Star Kabab & Restaurant Menu
Star Kabab & Restaurant Menu
Updated in July 2022

Star Kabab Branches, Address and Contact Number

Address and contact number of Star Kakab, Star Hotel, Star Kabab & Restaurant have given below.

1. Star Kabab Dhanmondi Shatmashjid Road

754, Shatmashjid Road,
Dhanmondi (Same Building As Pizza Hut Dhanmoni )


2. Star Kabab Dhanmondi

Star Complex
22 Bir Uttom M.A.Rob Road, Road 2, Danmondi

Contact: 9676847,9664977

3. Star Kabab Wari

Hotel Super Ltd
17/18 Joy Kali Mondir Road, Rankin Street,Wari

Contact: 7121535

4. Star Kabab Karwan Bazar

Hotel Super Star And Restaurantaddr
44/A, 47 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar

Contact: 8125331

5. Star Kabab Gulistan

Rajdhani Hotel And Restaurant
7b.B Avenue, Gulistan, Dhaka (Near Bangabandhu Stadium )

Contact: 9571470

6. Star Kabab Farmgate

New Star Hotel And Restaurant
96 Greenroad, Farmgate

Contact: 9128576

7. Star Kabab Banani

Address: House 15,Road 17,
Block C, Banani

Contact: 9892333

8. Star Kabab Elephant Road

Star Palace
6-67 Elephant Road , Dhaka

Contact: 9667793

9. Star Kabab Agamasilane
1 Star Hotel 5 Restaurant
54/55 Kazi Alauddin Road ( Near Bangobazar )

Contact: 7341691

10. Star Kabab Thatari Bazar

Hotel Star Pvt Ltd
101,102 B.C.0 Road, Thatari Bazar

Contact: 7123823,7119781

Star Kabab

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